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About the Book

“Two siblings Jin and Jan, explore a Palace within their vast Garden home, and commit themselves to a most fascinating game called Alone in the Dark. The game is simple – you get a tour of the Palace, then the lights go out, and you have to find your own way to the main entrance. However, little do Jin and Jan know how tricky a simple game can really be…”

Join Jin and Jan on their amazing journey, as they complete their game of a lifetime!

*Rating – Suitable for Ages 8-12+ years of age.
*Themes – Fantasy, Psychological Drama, Comedy, Metaphysical, Personal Development,

Table of Contents

  • Part I – The Palace In The Garden
  • Part II – The Butler
  • Part III – The Contract
  • Part IV – The Tour Of The Palace
  • Part V – The Chef In The Kitchen
  • Part VI – The Bedroom
  • Part VII – The Teacher In The Library
  • Part VIII – Remembrance
  • Featured Artwork – By Tahlia Jade

Praise for the Author

A truly inspiring work of art, reminding humanity that freedom is our birthright.”
Jeffrey Slayter – Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“It is like the next dimension to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave! As a father of two, I hope our future generations continuing to seek understanding and push the boundaries, rather than accepting the status quo.”
Mario Pirotta – Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Wealth Advisor

“A seriously imaginative story that expands your view of life itself, in a way that is uniquely cute, funny and deep!”
Michelle Slayter – CEO at Secrets of a Good Life

Like a visual artwork that speaks to your soul, this book brings to life universal concepts in a way that is artistically dark, fun and multidimensional.”
Ricardo Rosalio Vargas – Artist & Executive Director of IPS Institute

“This story lovingly  captures  the art of life on Earth, demonstrating a true appreciation of what it means to be a human being!”
Rob & Kylie Whyte – Principal Directors and Serial Entrepreneurs

Dear Reader

Jon Low here.JLow Rock

I wrote this short-story book in dedication to parents of the world and their children, as a remembrance that everyone’s existence is magical and immortal. That with a little courage, curiosity and fun, we can all appreciate and transform even the darkest of life’s experiences.

It is written in a layered fashion, so you will perceive what is most useful and valuable to your life right now. And over time of course, that perspective will evolve.

Having dedicated over 12 years to self-mastery in the Martial Art of Taekwondo (3rd Degree Black Belt), and Writing and Coaching others in the space of Eastern Philosophies, Human Potential, Business Performance and Performance Psychology, I have always asked this question…

“What is the Best Way to Powerfully Transfer Knowledge
Without Having to Tell People What to Do??”

And I believe the medium that best fits the role (for now), is a short story that is also an allegory.

When I think about daily phrases like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, I want “Alone in the Dark” to be part of the next generation’s language, so they remember that there is always a way out of life’s challenges, if we stick to the fundamentals of our inner child.

Imagination. Curiosity. Love.

This is just one book of many more to come!

So I really invite you to experience the unique flavor I have brought to the writing space, which is my unique blend between short narrative & poetry.

You really have to experience it for yourself.

Order now, confirm your payment, and you will be redirected to a download page to get the book :)

(P.S. What will I do with your money? Reinvest it in creating more allegories to help communicate human potential and development concepts for the next generations to come.)

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(P.P.P.S. What is my one selfish dream? That a publisher that resonates with my philosophy and message, will pick it up and become my life-long partner in creating these works of art, take it to market, and share them for many generations to come.)

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